Wednesday, 20 July 2011


There was a time when tears come at night..
Think back what we have been through..
Makes me proud to be your girlfriend..

Praying day by day for good health and happiness..
You will always be in my heart..

Remember that I will always stand by your side..
No matter what happens, so don't be afraid..
When you fall down, get up once again with me behind you..

So many precious memories before,
Playing scene by scene..
Our eyes witnessing all that we have done,
Always walk behind us step by step..

With each passing day,
I always cheer you up,..

I know that there may be a time..
That you have felt lost and didn't know what to do..
You can just lean on me..

I will give you hope and strength to carry on in this world..


Terima kasih :)

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